ARIN Web Hosting Policy (fwd)

Bennett Todd bet at
Tue Aug 29 22:22:51 EDT 2000

I think this new policy comes at an unfortunate time.

HTTP works great with name virtual hosting only; it has for years
now. Even though there remain HTTP clients that send requests
claiming only HTTP/1.0, they still all send the Host: header; I have
set up a great many name virtual hosts over the last few years and
never heard any problems reported.

Email works like a champ with virtual hosting, no special tricks are
needed at all.

FTP can't (with currently deployed clients anyway), but then that
protocol stinks on ice, can't be retired quick enough.

But oh so sadly, SSL can't work with name virtual hosts, and there's
no immediate prospect of a better-designed alternative. And I expect
it to get a _lot_ more widespread starting about a month from today.

If ARIN had pushed this a couple of years back, perhaps they could
have overcome the intertia of people who have figured out how to set
up IP virtual hosts, and don't wish to attempt to learn anything
better; and if people weren't so settled on IP virtual hosts,
perhaps that would have provided some demand to get TLS engineered
to support name virtual hosts.

But this policy comes too late to catch the tide.

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