ARIN Web Hosting Policy (fwd)

Stacey D. Son sson at
Tue Aug 29 18:44:08 EDT 2000

Kevin said:
> > It does not take much thinking to see ways to circumvent the system
> > (e.g.  black market for IP address space, companies buying companies
> > just for their large unused address space, etc.)
> Again, for the record, I made no statement proposing to circumvent the
> system, nor implying that I would do so or condone doing so.

Nor am I...  I am just pointing out that it is very possible. :)

> > I am also surprised that only hosting seems to be targeted
> > so far.  For example, I don't see an ARIN policy that requires the use
> > of more NAT devices which has the potential of saving more IP
> > addresses given there are far more users than web sites.  Or why does
> > ARIN encourage more IPv6 deployment in a policy by giving companies
> > that have taken steps toward it credit?
> Or reclamation of underutilized (or completely unused) blocks that have
> been allocated historically.

I applaud the efforts of those like Stanford University that are working
to free up and return their unused address (voluntarily).  A lot of this
has gone unrecognized in the most part.



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