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Charles Scott cscott at
Tue Aug 29 16:09:01 EDT 2000

In reply to Web Hosting Policy:
  While I agree that the overwhelming majority of browsers support
name-based virtual hosting, and technically it shouldn't be a problem for
either users or servers, this presents a significant problem for providers
who want to do bandwith limitation by virtual server.
  If a Web hosting provider can no longer justify allocations based on
IP-based virtual hosting, some providers will not be able to receive
adequate address space to provide a bandwidth limited service. Since
bandwidth limitation solutions require separate IP addresses, the new
policy would severely impact those providers. 
  Note that in general the Web server based limitation modules are not
effective for a variety of reasons and can't be considered a solution. 
  If such a poilcy were to be used, there should be exceptions where a
bandwidth limited service is being provided.

Chuck Scott, Pres.
Gaslight Media
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On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Member Services wrote:

> ARIN's new web hosting policy has recently been under discussion on the
> ARIN IP allocations policy mailing list. 
> See  
> The policy is described at
> Some individuals have expressed their disagreement with this new policy.
> Should the ARIN web hosting policy be changed?
> ARIN would like your feedback on this issue.  Please post your comments
> and suggestions to the public policy mailing list (ppml at Your
> feedback will be included in the discussions at the upcoming public
> policy meeting.
> Information about the meeting can be found at

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