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My answer is I believe a brief if perhaps still a little long.  The very act of choosing to or not to send unsolicited communications regarding candidating during a voting season clearly let's people make personal and organizational decisions about the candidates and their ethical priorities.  Next, as has been repeatedly stated, this is a group of people representing themselves a d their organizations that are forming policy and are themselves or are working for what are also legally establishments that can help block or even ignore but still log these issues or chose to take public or legal actions as they see fit.  As such, it is not ARIN'S job to try to protect or enable in any special ways any candidate that has access to the same information legally obtained as any other candidate being voted on.  To remove the right of a candidate to potentially make a serious ethical mistake that may keep them from office would be a mistake.  The annoyance of these types of unsolicited or even potentially illegally impersonating communications does not and should not force ARIN's hand in becoming essentially an authority over the governments they operate under and with creating for them legal precedent they could use to avoid being held liable for and even possibly criminally prosecuted their similar actions.  Although to some extent ARIN may look like it's image is being harmed in this situation if it has not and is not breaking any laws regarding privacy it would be wise I think to push the responsibility of forming and obeying existing laws back to the governments ARIN operates under and only with if it does not usurp their authority.
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I'm in favor to prohibit this sort of campaign. I think it's better to
have a ARIN campaign site where each candidate can introduce himself and
ARIN will send an official mail with the link to this site and all
further campaign discussion in arindiscuss will be prohibited. Perhaps
another mailinglist arin-election or something like that makes sense for
these guys who wants to discuss about the election and the candidates

Am 16.10.18 um 20:24 schrieb John Curran:
> To the end, please comment on the question:  “Should ARIN’s election
> processes prohibit bulk campaign email  to the electorate, or is the
> present approach suitable as-is?”
> Thanks!
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO
> American Registry for Internet Numbers

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