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Thank you, Bill, for alerting us to this article. It's good to see this issue getting more attention. 

ARIN staff has actively participated in all of the ITU Study Group 20 (SG 20) meetings where the draft "Reference Model for IPv6 IoT Deployments" has been discussed (except the initial meeting where this item was introduced). We have repeatedly stated that IP addressing policy does not fall under the purview and is out of the scope of the ITU.

In addition to our participation, ARIN and RIPE NCC submitted a joint contribution at the SG 20 meeting in September 2017. A full copy of the ARIN/RIPE NCC contribution is available at:  https://www.arin.net/participate/governance/index.html

ARIN's Government Affairs and Public Policy Analyst, Einar Bohlin, made the following statement on record at the SG 20 meeting which took place just a few weeks ago in Cairo, "ARIN believes that the draft recommendation is untested, unnecessary, and, possibly harmful. Based on the ARIN contribution in
September 2017, ARIN also reminds SG20 that a recommendation that tells end users how to number their networks is IP numbering/addressing policy, which is a Regional Internet Registry matter. IP addressing policy is out of scope for the ITU."

The author presented the ITU draft at the recent RIPE meeting in Marseille; one can get the gist of the discussion from Mr. McCarthy's article. Following the meeting there was discussion on the RIPE IPv6 Working Group mailing list, however there was no support for the draft. It is important to note that at the ITU there have been no contributions in support of the draft from anyone other than the individual original author.

It is not clear at this time what will happen next with the ITU draft. There are two possible directions, one is for the author to withdraw the draft, and the other is the draft goes to member states for the Traditional Approval Process (TAP). TAP requires 70% of those responding to approve the draft. We continue to talk with numerous member states to garner their support to not approve the draft. 

Whatever the next step, we intend to stay on top of this matter so the IP policy process at all levels stays in the hands of the regional communities. 

You can find more information regarding ITU SG 20 at:


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    Have fun.  Note that the second page has an excellent overview of the history of the ITU?s attempts to insert itself into IP management.
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