[arin-discuss] Fwd: [ARIN-Suggestions] New ACSP Suggestion 2014.10: CHANGES TO CANDIDATE SPEECHES

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Fri Jun 6 15:44:34 EDT 2014

> On Jun 6, 2014, at 3:14 PM, "Martin Hannigan" <hannigan at gmail.com> wrote:
> And I'm still in favor. Most of this is based on my insider knowledge as to how ARIN works and how insidious, bound up and how tightly controlled elections really are. 
> I'm not saying that they are crooked. I'm saying most of you don't read the fine print.

Martin -

    I actually have a bit of knowledge how it works as well, but
    do not know what your "insidious, bound up" reference is about...

    In any case, if you happen to have some suggestions for potential
    election improvements, feel free to submit them as well.  They also 
    will get put out on this list and enjoy community discussion 
     (I do not know if that process is too insidious for you, but it is 
      what we have to work with...)


John Curran
President and CEO

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