[arin-discuss] Fwd: [ARIN-Suggestions] New ACSP Suggestion 2014.10: CHANGES TO CANDIDATE SPEECHES

Ali Saeed ali at origen.ca
Thu Jun 5 17:23:27 EDT 2014

Can I not be copied on this this is gfilling up my inbox and getting annoying.

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On 6/5/14, 1:08 AM, Jesse Geddis wrote:
> John,
> Is it written down anywhere that would be obvious to everyone? 
> Honestly, it would have never occurred to me such an uncouth thing would happen.

If a candidate for office does something that you consider to be patently uncouth and offensive, the solution to the problem in my opinion would be to cast your vote for that candidate's opponent.

There are some political races and measures about which I have no strong opinions one way or the other.  My methodology in such cases is to vote for whichever candidate or side telemarkets me the least.  Robocalls count double.  A pox on politicians for exempting themselves from the do-not-call rules.
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