[arin-discuss] fee structure (was Re: IPv6 as justification for IPv4?)

Jesse D. Geddis jesse at la-broadband.com
Sat Apr 20 23:57:18 EDT 2013


	I will confer with some of the posters off list and work towards a
consensus. If you could please clarify the aggregate sizes though I would
appreciate it. It is my understanding that several providers hold greater
than a /8 in total holdings. I think my question may have been poorly
worded when I asked about allocations. I should have asked about range in
total holdings by any single provider.

Jesse Geddis
LA Broadband LLC

On 4/20/13 7:05 AM, "John Curran" <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>On Apr 20, 2013, at 7:49 AM, Jesse D. Geddis <jesse at la-broadband.com>
>> So I think it's been established that quite a few folks think the past,
>>current, and proposed fee structure doesn't adequately deal with the /14
>>and larger organisations. The next question is what should that fee
>>structure look like? How should it be scaled on IPv6? Is it better to
>>substantially lower the fees for the smaller orgs or to instead plow the
>>revenue into keeping initial /32 IPv6 allocations free until X threshold
>>has been reached? Maybe it's possible to do both.
>> A couple ideas have been suggested that include:
>> 1. Doubling the fees for every 2 bits
>> 2. Going based on the number of total /24's
>> 3. Increasing fees for every /x you go up
>> 4. Creating more tiers at the top
>> I think #1 & #3 may be the two most interesting ones as they can be
>>translated directly to the IPv6 fee schedule.
>> What are some suggestions on what that fee structure would look like?
>Jesse - 
>  Could you first describe the philosophy of the fees that you are trying
>  advance?  In particular, are you seeking fees that represent costs,
>fees that
>  represent "value", or fees that represent ability to pay?
>> My sense is that there should be a floor for costs but this isn't
>>rooted in anything in particular other than $8 seems hardly worth
>  Note that there are aspects to ARIN other than the registry, for
>  ARIN is active in Internet Governance discussions globally to educate
>  further protect the ability of this community to manage Internet
>  ARIN members also have the ability to participate in organization
>  of ARIN (through elections and Member's Meetings).  Are you proposing
>  these costs be considered as part of the overall registry fee structure
>  separately? 
>> Should there be a ceiling? It seems like that's at the root of what
>>several are unhappy with. John, can you please tell us what the current
>>smallest/largest ISP allocation is so we can have an ideas as to what we
>>are dealing with here?
>  The smallest is /24, largest is /8.
>John Curran
>President and CEO

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