[arin-discuss] IPv6 as justification for IPv4?

Jesse D. Geddis jesse at la-broadband.com
Tue Apr 16 15:24:24 EDT 2013


There's several issues I've mentioned that don't all directly have to do with getting IPv6 broadly accepted.

1. If we are going to have a linear fee structure it should be equitable all the way up the scale. Right now it isn't by any measure.
2. Removing ARIN and service providers as a barrier to business. Fees is one barrier and that's the topic of this discussion. Right now because of the fee structure deck is severely stacked against people starting up.
3. If the fees are equitable across the board assuming they stay revenue neutral for ARIN it will lower the fees for all but 73 originations encouraging adoption.
4. Is a policy one I've mentioned but this can be addressed through the policy suggestion process that John has mentioned. I saw someone make a suggestion earlier that was great to address this. 

Jesse Geddis
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On Apr 16, 2013, at 11:53 AM, "Randy Carpenter" <rcarpen at network1.net> wrote:

> I guess I am still missing the point. Can you tell me, specifically, how raising the fees will promote IPv6 adoption?
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> -Randy
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>> What's funny is the model some these guys are arguing for is a tax model
>> like:
>> We pay 10% until our income is $100,000
>> At which point we should pay no more than $10,000 total in taxes/fees on all
>> income past a trillion and into infinity. It doesn't make sense...
>> If you're going to make a linear scale keep it linear.
>> Jesse Geddis
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