[arin-discuss] Encouraging IPv6 Transition (From PPML)

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This is an important topic and I find your latter points to be especially on target.  Whenever I raise the IPv6 issue to my customers I get the same feedback:   "Yeah - Yeah, we've have been hearing this for years." 

I believe that it is important for ARIN to develop more of an end-user campaign and in the effort to spell out the impact of lethargy and the failure to adapt.  ARIN needs not just to educate, but build momentum with strategic outreach so that IPv6 takes its place on the CIO mandate list.  This point is critical and I believe should be the center-piece of ARIN's efforts.  Bring on-board more strategic CIO evangelists and have them drive more high-profile IPv6 projects and others will follow.  

Right now there is little to no IPv6 momentum in the US and thereby little to no CIO mandates for IPv6 projects which means lackluster industry engagement.

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Four ideas to promote IPv6 deployment, for your consideration and discussion:
  1) Make it as easy as possible for an org who actually wants IPv6 to
  get it. This is mostly in place today (allocation fee waivers, one
  maint. fee per Org ID, ease of qualification, etc.) but there is still
  some possible room for improvement:
     1A) Waive IPv6 assignment fees for end-users who request both IPv4
  and IPv6 simultaneously.
     1B) Move the </40 small/x-small threshold to <=/48.
  2) Provide additional motivation for orgs to request and deploy IPv6.
  There are several top of mind methods to accomplish this:
     2A) Require the officer attestation to acknowledge the current
  state of affairs regarding IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 requirements.
     2B) Continue or even ramp up (especially targeting end users) ARINs
  outreach efforts (which have been substantial in previous years but
  are being wound down post IANA-exhaustion).
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