[arin-discuss] Template-based email as a third registry access method

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Apr 3 20:50:48 EDT 2012

On 4/3/12 19:29 CDT, Kevin Blumberg wrote:

> I would also suggest that the ability to save a draft of a submission be supported.

As I was reading this thread I was thinking much the same thing.  I was 
thinking about why people might want Email Templates back vs. a Web 
Form.  Other than not wanting to change, I thought about how the work 
flow has changed.  With a email template you had a form you could work 
on offline and collect all the information you needed and fill it in as 
you go. Then submit the form, via email when you had it complete.

With the Web Form, I believe as implemented, you essentially need all 
the info for a request all at once, then you do the data entry and 
submit it.  If you could save partially completed web forms and create 
your own partially complete templates, maybe we can keep the kind of 
workflow we had with email templates but keep moving forward with the 
other improvements ARIN Online has brought.

I have to say I like ARIN Online and the many improvements, but the web 
form based workflow can be frustrating at times.  So is workflow the 
real issue here?

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