[arin-discuss] Bringing back IP resource Request Templates

Dmitry Kohmanyuk dk at intuix.com
Mon Apr 2 17:04:14 EDT 2012

On Apr 2, 2012, at 9:27 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:

> A while back, ARIN stopped accepting email templates for resource requests.
> I believe in the discussions at members meetings prior to this, we were assured that the addition of a web interface would not remove the ability to use templates and I, for one, find templates to be much easier and more convenient than a web interface (especially the current state of ARIN on-line).
> Suggestion 2011.21 was submitted as an effort to address this. It is my understanding that 2011.21 has not received any support from the membership. If any of you are interested in having template functionality restored, ARIN needs to know that. If not, likely this suggestion is soon to be closed without any action and templates will forever fade into history.

I support the change --- or, rather, not change -- I want templates to be available.

It is needed in cases when ARIN web site is unavailable (outage...);  email requests would be queued.
I also think that current web functionality is not yet mature to rely on just one mechanism.
Training staff may be an issue for larger ISPs.  Custom scripts to update records are definitely in use.
FInally, there may be cases (like infrastructure blocks) which are just too rare to implement or test in new UX.

If the reasoning was to make ARIN request processing easier on staff, we would immediately see X% (X > 50)
drop in email requests, and therefore improvement of efficiency, thus giving same benefits.  Then, as email
requests would be so rare eventually their processing would require just one person - a be non-issue.

Just for curiosity, do we have numbers of requests processed (email or web), say, per month?

-- dk@

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