[arin-discuss] Bringing back IP resource Request Templates

Morizot Timothy S Timothy.S.Morizot at irs.gov
Mon Apr 2 15:52:01 EDT 2012

My organization isn't an ISP and makes changes infrequently enough that they are done manually whether by email template or via the web interface. So that aspect of it makes little difference to us. However, I can certainly see why those who make frequent changes and have put automated tools in place to make those changes might have an issue.

And as someone with a couple of decades of application development experience, I have a hard time with the "expensive" argument in this situation. An email template or a web form are just two different front-end interfaces. You might need a different parser for each, but once the resource request is parsed the code handling the actual request processing should be the same for both front-ends. Even if the web front-end had additional options, those would just be additional requests to process and wouldn't change the ones shared with the email templates.

I guess I don't see why a system that accepts requests through two (or more) front-end interfaces should be hard or expensive to maintain -- especially when the range of available requests is relatively limited, as it is with ARIN.

On 02.04.2012 14:29, David Conrad wrote:
> On Apr 2, 2012, at 3:20 PM, John Brown wrote:
>> Are there really fields on the web based that can't be implemented 
>> via the email system ??
> You wish to constrain a web-based management system to what can be 
> accommodated via email?
> Again: Maintaining backwards compatibility can be expensive and quite 
> constraining.  It may be that the advantages of maintaining 
> compatibility with email outweigh the disadvantages, but this would 
> seem to be contrary to the way the rest of the Internet industry is 
> going.

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