[arin-discuss] Bringing back IP resource Request Templates

Robert Marder ram at robertmarder.com
Mon Apr 2 15:48:09 EDT 2012

This is another very good reason.

Just take a look at ARIN's recent maintenance: email templates were 
queued, the web interface and the REST API were both completely down.

It's simply much easier and more reliable to automate email template 
submissions than deal with the web interface or web api.

On 02.04.2012 14:41, John Brown wrote:
> Templates don't require a web browser.
> I've watched hardware vendors move away from CLI to Web based config.
> It sucks for many reasons.  Web looks nicer but doesn't always work
> when you need it to.
> Email templates allow for a Fire and forget.
> Web template (via api, curl, etc) requires that the server be
> reachable and able to process in realtime.
> eMail template can be generated, sent to the SMTP server and then 
> handled.
> If ARIN's system isn't able to process, that's ok, the email is
> QUEUED, either a secondary MX in the "inbox".
> Meanwhile the human can go home and know that the job is submitted,
> save lost email in transit.
> If the request requires a change, you can easily edit the email
> template and re-submit.  Not so with dynamic / live web interface.
> ARIN should provide multiple I/O paths.
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>> On 04/02/12 12:24, Robert Marder wrote:
>> > I agree as well.
>> >
>> > Templates are easier to fill out and it's nice to have a 
>> convenient
>> > log of all my requests.
>> Most of the cases made here for templates seem like lame excuses. 
>> The web
>> interface could do all of these things and do them better than your 
>> e-mail
>> client. What do you think the money that you pay to ARIN goes for?
>> The real reason would be that folks who do lots of small/frequent 
>> updates
>> have to do them by hand instead of doing them on the web. But the 
>> web
>> interface is supposed to accommodate that as well. We're talking 
>> about
>> dumping text editors and SMTP for HTTP forms which can be handled
>> automatically as well. But the people who need this functionality 
>> have
>> probably already figured out how to get it with ARIN.
>> Chris
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