[arin-discuss] ipv6 technology supplier phone bank?

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Sep 29 09:03:55 EDT 2009

> If it lasts for any length of time, we may see broad adoption 
> of RFC3093 (Firewall Enhancement Protocol, i.e., everything 
> over HTTP).

That was an April Fool RFC. However the real thing does exist
to tunnel TCP/IP over an SSL connection <http://www.stunnel.org/>
Note that stunnel does support IPv6 so I can well imagine that
people with IPv6 connectivity might establish a stunnel to some
IPv4 analog of HE's tunnel service, in order to get at some
obscure IPv4 Internet resource that really matters to them.

> How should ARIN spend its resources to help?

A) support an IPv6 sprint at ARIN meetings
B) support building an IPv6 Sprint kit consisting of VoIP PBX, 
   etc., so that people with minimal technical skill can
   set up an IPv6 Sprint at other conferences such as
   Linux ones, Open Source ones, language specific (Python, Java)

Seems to me that it is outreach and it is education, therefore 
fair game for ARIN support.

--Michael Dillon

P.S. We will know that the sprints worked when you can go to your
local computer gaming shop and see boxes of new games with
"supports IPv6" on them.


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