[arin-discuss] ipv6 technology supplier phone bank?

John Brown john at citylinkfiber.com
Thu Sep 24 11:45:04 EDT 2009

Before doing a call out campaign, I'd build a list of targets and then do a
DIRECT MAIL bit to those on the list.  Then I'd follow-up with a call out

To build a list of targets, poll the membership of each ARIN (and other
RIR's) for a list of vendor gear used.

I'd also create a "Badge" that allows the vendors to say we are IPv6
ready...  Much like to IPv6 pins I saw at a IETF in Japan a number of years

ARIN/RIR's need to then do press releases listing vendor as being ready for
the IPv6 world.

Gotta make splash for them, help them get market awareness as being a
LEADING technology company.

On the back side, ARIN / RIR members should start to mandate IPv6 in all
purchase orders and vendor responses to RFP's effective well um, NOW.
Don't buy the box if it doesn't support a fundamental level of IPv6 stack.


On 9/24/09 7:49 AM, "Paul Vixie" <vixie at isc.org> wrote:

>> Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 08:40:54 +0100
>> From: <michael.dillon at bt.com>
>> ...
>> Maybe ARIN could organize an IPv6 awareness sprint, and provide a room
>> full of phones, with coffee and snacks for the volunteers?
> this could be done, and would be among other things a great experience of
> shared pain, shared fun, and shared learning for all.  (and i can see a
> way to extend it beyond that room on that day, using a ticket system after
> we get back to our own offices.)  however, one part of the challenge seems
> daunting:
>> Any would-be heroes should sit down at the phone and start calling minor
>> equipment vendors and software vendors to find out when they will support
>> IPv6. Any bit of software used in network operational support or by home
>> users needs to be IPv6 capable.
> how should we build the target list, since many of our vendors are several
> layers deep behind resellers, and since pounding on the resellers may be
> like pushing on ropes?
> overall i'm intrigued by this idea, it's a great use of ARIN's resources --
> and i mean especially the talents and contacts of *all* of the people here,
> not just ARIN staff/board/council.
> paul vixie
> chairman
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