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Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 14:34:09 EDT 2009

Does anyone know the actual history of this block?  All I see on a quick 
whois + Google search is several copies of this message on 
IETF/NANOG/etc, as well as some filter rules blocking  
However, it appears that most of the filters that block 128.66/16 also 
block 2/8, for example.  So without some additional history or 
information on other types of filtering, I'm not sure that the 
difficulty of getting 128.66/16 routed will be any higher than that of 
getting any other previously unallocated block routed.

So I guess I'd favor the approach of returning it to the free pool, with 
appropriate announcements and documentation, and then making allocations 
from it once the rest of the "cleaner" /16s are used up.


Jason Schiller wrote:
> On behalf of Ron Bonica,
> Folks,
> The IETF has recently passed draft-iana-rfc3330bis-08. This draft
> documents the fact that the following address ranges have been reserved
> for documentation:
> - (TEST-NET-1)
> - (TEST-NET-2)
> - (TEST-NET-3)
> In addition, some authors have used (TEST-B) for example
> purposes. There is no RFC that talks about this block, but my
> understanding is that IANA/ARIN have marked it as reserved. If you
> search the Internet you will find at least some number of examples and
> firewall rule sets that use this block, but I have no good idea about
> how widespread such usage is.
> What should we do about this block? Some of the potential answers
> include documenting its role, marking it as reserved but deprecating its
> use in examples, and returning it to the free pool immediately (with a
> warning sign about possible filtering problems).
> Comments?
>                                       Ron
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