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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Sep 22 13:12:55 EDT 2009

I think that now is NOT the time to be expanding the wasted IPv4
address space.  This block should be documented for it's prior
misuse in examples.  That use should be deprecated, and, the block
should be placed in the free pool.

I would not object to placing it low on the priority list of blocks to  
issued, but, that's 65,536 IPs that should not be left fallow simply
due to prior misuse.


On Sep 22, 2009, at 7:46 AM, Jason Schiller wrote:

> On behalf of Ron Bonica,
> Folks,
> The IETF has recently passed draft-iana-rfc3330bis-08. This draft
> documents the fact that the following address ranges have been  
> reserved
> for documentation:
> - (TEST-NET-1)
> - (TEST-NET-2)
> - (TEST-NET-3)
> In addition, some authors have used (TEST-B) for example
> purposes. There is no RFC that talks about this block, but my
> understanding is that IANA/ARIN have marked it as reserved. If you
> search the Internet you will find at least some number of examples and
> firewall rule sets that use this block, but I have no good idea about
> how widespread such usage is.
> What should we do about this block? Some of the potential answers
> include documenting its role, marking it as reserved but deprecating  
> its
> use in examples, and returning it to the free pool immediately (with a
> warning sign about possible filtering problems).
> Comments?
>                                      Ron
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