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Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Mon Sep 21 11:19:34 EDT 2009

There is also a much simpler change:   ARIN could refuse allocations  
to people who are known bad payers.  This will chop him off at the  

On Sep 21, 2009, at 7:30 AM, Schiller, Heather A (HeatherSkanks) wrote:
> I was reading Chris Morrow's comment on Nanog - about spammers..
> "The end of the discussion was along the lines of: "Yes, we know this
> guy is bad news, but he always comes to us with the proper paperwork  
> and
> numbers, there's nothing in the current policy set to deny him address
> resources. Happily though he never pays his bill after the first 12
> months so we just reclaim whatever resources are allocated  
> then."  (yes,
> comments about more address space ending up on BL's were made, and  
> that
> he probably doesn't pay because after the first 3 months the address
> space is 'worthless' to him...)"
> ..and got to wondering, "Why doesn't ARIN charge first and last years
> "rent" on resource allocations?"
> If you notify ARIN before your bill is due, that you will be returning
> the resource and not renewing, you get a refund.  If you don't notify
> ARIN and your bill lapses, then ARIN isn't out the money they would  
> have
> gotten from you, during the time they hold your resource before/during
> revocation for non-payment. (since most folks keep using it, you  
> should
> still have to pay for it..)
> I'm not claiming this would make the spam thing any better.. just  
> raise
> the financial bar, make them have to do work if they want their money
> back.
> I don't know whether I'm even in favor of this or not.. but just about
> every other 'utility' type service has this practice, and maybe this  
> is
> worth considering.  Maybe there is a reason ARIN doesn't do this..?
> Thoughts?
> --Heather
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