[arin-discuss] (non) Ability to follow the PPML

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Fri Jun 12 23:18:19 EDT 2009

Steve Bertrand wrote:


> Are there any other ARIN members out there who are overwhelmed by the
> politics and shit that happen on the PPML and just can't keep up? 

I must reply to my own post. I've received a tremendous amount of
feedback (some on-list, and the vast majority off-list) regarding this
thread I started.

What I originally wrote seemed to spark a lot of emotions across the
board. Along with wanting to make a couple of points, I'd like to let
everyone who replied privately know that I will respond individually to
you over the next week.

My post had me find that:

- the members within the AC really do care, and without question, will
take the time to respond to questions/concerns, no matter how small or
insignificant they seem

- there are many other members out there who are also small
ops/engineers (in the sense of IPv4 holdings size)

- there are many other members out there who have a very difficult time
following policy discussion on the PPML, and moreover, feel that their
input might not be welcome, as it could be inserted untimely into a thread

- there are current AC members who are actively managing "small"
networks, which provides (me with) a feeling of understanding

- the majority of the people who replied to me expressed how they
personally try to deal with the number of posts to the PPML using
different technical techniques, signifying (to me) that a portion of the
members on the list can't keep up

- some have stated that there needs to be an aggregation tactic in
place, that will consolidate the important points from the list
regarding policy discussion

I really care about the future of global IP communication. If the
numbering resource hierarchy falls apart, I feel that everything I have
learnt up until now was a waste.

One thing I've gained from my post (so far), is that I need to do more
research on the policy proceedings, why the meetings are important, and
how the PPML feedback is counted when it comes to decision-making.

I live to learn (and I suppose I learn to live); I want to learn more
about how to better engineer the network, as much as I want to learn how
to help with responsible policy for the next generation who operates our
network if it still operates over IP.


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