[arin-discuss] (non) Ability to follow the PPML

Ira Goldstein igoldste at mum.neric.org
Thu Jun 11 13:01:06 EDT 2009

Steve --
   I am glad that you have sent out your note.  I had e-mailed ARIN 
directly with the following, but have not yet heard back from them.  Do 
you think that something like this would help?

Take care.
Ira Goldstein (IG2-ARIN)

>>> Ira Goldstein 6/1/2009 1:17 PM >>>

   Back on March 30th, as the POC for NET NERIC I received a confirmation 
to subscribe to the ARIN-PPML.   The message gave the reason for 
subscribing as

"You and your organization need to be aware of the policy proposals that 
are being discussed. If a proposal becomes policy, it could affect the way 
you do business with ARIN, with Internet service providers, or with your 

  Even though I already subscribed to the ARIN-announce and ARIN-discuss 
lists, I accepted the request and have tried to keep up with the threads.

  One of your posts (and for the life of me I can't find it right now) from 
the IPv6 discussion, when someone did not realize that this was a language 
cleanup of a policy that will soon go into effect, asked how ARIN could do 
a better job of informing people of changes.  I have the following 
observations and suggestions.

   1) Increase the size that triggerst the PPML digests.  Even though I 
have PPML set for Digest, there are days that I receive 10 or more 
"Issues" of the digest.  This is way too many "daily" digests.  Now I 
realize that with mailman you set a size limit to trigger extra digests, 
but with 30K as the trigger, you can wind up with as few as 3 messages in 
the digest (as was the case for ARIN-PPML Digest, Vol 47, Issue 81).  The 
reason for setting a list up for digest (at least for me) is to be able to 
periodically review the discussions without having the e-mails disrupt my 

   2) Clarify how ARIN-PPML differs from ARIN-discuss.

   3) Enable members to receive just the announcements. In addition to 
posting the notices from info at arin.net on ARIN-PPML, cross-post it to 
ARIN-announce.  Right now, only some of the notices are appearing on 
ARIN-announce (e.g., [arin-ppml] 2009-2 and 2009-4 Abandoned and 
[arin-ppml] 2009-3 and 2008-3 to remain on AC.s docket from May 4th are 
among many that were not on ARIN-announce).  Once all sides are heard 
from, post a summary of the discussion (yup, more work for staff) on both 
PPML and announce.

What this would do would allow members to carefully monitor proposals and 
decisions on the announcement list, participate or ignore the ensuing 
discussion on PPML, and if it is one that is ignored, still receive a 
summary of the pro-cons.  Right now, I find myself digging through many 
e-mails in ARIN-PPML just to find the member services announcements.

Thanks for the chance to vent.
Ira Goldstein (IG2-ARIN)

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Being a relatively young person in this Internet world, and the roles I
hold at the small organization I work for, I would formally like to say
that I can not keep up with the pace of the PPML, and therefore can not
properly make *informed* decisions on current policy matters.

It is very disconcerting to me that I am just not political nor
available enough to deal with the current issues at hand.

Recently, I received a reply from Mr. Herrin, and regretfully, I don't
even know how to reply to his message, as I don't have the time to think
about how I really feel about it. (I'm honoured that I received a
response from such a prolific and honourable member of our community

I have so many things to say, but feel that there is no where to say
them. I have many gripes, but can't complain...


Are there any other ARIN members out there who are overwhelmed by the
politics and shit that happen on the PPML and just can't keep up? Am I
in a closet where I'm the only baby v4 holder listening?

I'm sure there are other small(er) orgs out there (I'm but a /21 and /32
holder) who can feel my pain of either not wanting to deal with the
politics individually, or are not able to deal with the politics

I'd like to know whether it would be worth-while trying to configure a
group of 'small' participants who can discuss issues off-list based on
what is on-list, and then react as a voice of many after aggregating the
understanding of each other.

Discussion and off-list feedback requested.

Aside from my rant, I'd also like to personally thank John Curran who
replied to my last -discuss message with a very informative, timely and
understandable response. It was just pure irony that Mr. Vixie's email
slipped through at about that same time that solidified your response to
me ;)

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