[arin-discuss] sorbs and arin assigned space

Joe Pruett joey at spiretech.com
Mon Sep 22 15:03:27 EDT 2008

we recently got a block of ip space from arin and since it was previously 
unused, it is on the sorbs blacklist as dynamically assigned.  i have been 
trying for weeks to get sorbs to remove the listing since there are mail 
servers out there that use any response from sorbs as a definitive 

sorbs has a robot that looks at reverse dns and doesn't like my setup (i 
had already started assigning things before i found out about the sorbs 
listing).  i don't want to go back and redo it all just to get off some 
stupid blacklist.

so, i'm hoping that someone else out there has run into this as well and 
has found someone who can take action at sorbs.  the web hits i've found 
don't give me much hope, though.

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