[arin-discuss] Anyone play with IPv6 on the RV4000?

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> Subject: [arin-discuss] Anyone play with IPv6 on the RV4000?
> Does the existence of this at that price point make the "we 
> gotta extend the life of IPv4" argument a moot issue?
> Or does the price point of IPv6 routers have to hit the 
> $19.95-on-sale-at-Walmart region to invalidate that argument?

The price point of of the RV4000 is about right. However, the
specifications on the Linksys web site don't mention the fact that the
RV4000 supports IPv6.

I don't think IPv6 has a chance of being real until the term "IPv6" is
important enough that the marketing people put it in the high level
product descriptions.


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