[arin-discuss] that court case

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Wed Dec 27 09:19:21 EST 2006

Apparently the court decided something - I saw this on CircleID:


The ARIN press release is here:


ARIN's media page (on this) is:


Looking at the legal papers, I see a lot of talk about the statute of 
limitations running out on this matter.  Was that the deciding 
factor, or did the court set any precedent that "IPs is not 
property"?  (Sorry, IP addresses and AS numbers are not...)

In the ARIN press release, it says that this is a "victory" for the 
policy process.  The only document linked to from ARIN's media page 
that has the work "policy" in it is 
http://www.arin.net/media/clarification-granted.pdf - and I think 
that that is a document from ARIN to the court, not the other way 

I'm not doubting that the ruling is good for ARIN and how it works. 
I'm questioning my ability to understand the legal documents, mostly 
to know or understand better the legal justification for ARIN's (and 
I mean the membership, not staff) being.

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