Larry Vaden vaden at
Mon Sep 18 00:05:00 EDT 2000

At 02:59 PM 9/16/2000 -0600, Alec H. Peterson wrote:

>However people do seem to be using the fact that ARIN is not revoking
>allocations made before its time to various institutions as a reason for
>repealing the virtual hosting policy.
>Personally I think there are plenty of other objections about the virtual
>hosting policy, which is why I am confused as to why so many people are
>insisting ARIN do something it has no authority to do.

Q:  It seems to me that ARIN is stepping over a dollar to pick up a 
dime;  regardless, won't the policy result in all domains on a given IP 
being unreachable if someone blocks, as a result of perceived or real 
abuse, the single IP associated with the abusing domain, thus _at least 
temporarily_ denying service to legitimate customers on that same IP?  I 
admit to ignorance about any blocking techniques which may be available for 
http 1.1.

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