bmanning at bmanning at
Sat Sep 16 15:32:24 EDT 2000

> : outrageously large blocks?  Why wasn't this corrected long ago, before
> : "newbies" like myself started bitching? :)  Why are we faced with this
> : artificial address shortage?
> A clarification - I'm simply looking for insight.  Does IANA have the
> *authority* to reclaim addresses, or is it simply a matter of negotiation
> and good will on the part of the blocks' administrators?
> tia,
> brian

	IMHO, IANA is the only body w/ that authority. RIRs derive
	their authority from IANA. LIRs and ISP derive their management
	authoritity/responsibilities from the RIRs that delegate them
	address space.  


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