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J. Scott Marcus smarcus at
Thu Sep 14 18:19:38 EDT 2000

At 09:38 09/14/2000 -1000, hostmaster at LAVA.NET wrote:

> ... If ARIN made one of its focuses ISP education - creating some web
>resources on how to exploit the existing features of common software,
>how to interpret your Browser header info to measure your real
>percentage of hits that could be served by name-based hosts - and also
>focused on coordinating development of new software, where needed, to
>better serve a more efficient use of address space, then I think all
>parties (and the Internet at large) would be better served than with
>the current style of interaction...

This is an interesting thought.  My sense is that ARIN has done somewhat
less of this kind of education than has, for instance, RIPE.  Perhaps there
is indeed an opportunity for ARIN to do much more ...

>  I am seeing from the response by ARIN participants here that ARIN
>does not mean to be arbitrary and punitive, but when you're a small ISP
>applying for desperately needed address space, ARIN really does seem
>that way frequently.

ARIN's a not-for-profit membership organization, just trying to do the
right thing for the Internet community...  And, man!  It can be tough.  If
there's one thing that this whole exchange has brought home (to me, at
least), it's the need for ARIN to solicit and obtain more input (and
earlier) from a broader community of interest.

Thanks to all for taking the time to educate us...

- Scott (ARIN board member, but speaking for himself only)

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