guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Haralds Jass HJass at
Thu Sep 14 16:34:41 EDT 2000

To add a bit more on the lack of understanding by hosting companies 
of ARIN, where I meant to write more in my last message...
It's a very good point indeed. It's important to keep in mind that 
the way most hosting companies (wrongly) view ARIN is as some 
old-world institution that has no impact on them. A lot of web hosts 
really do see themselves as "holier than thou," and having such a 
hopessly vague policy is...well, hopeless for ARIN. I am certain that 
if this policy stays and ARIN refuses IP allocation to some mid-size 
and large web hosts (even if they have no valid exceptions), they'll 
get their lawyers and not their systems engineers on the case. A 
"better," detailed and issue-based, policy would avoid a lot (but for 
sure not all) such potential problems for ARIN. Also then most 
hosting companies would take it seriously; now most have just looked 
at it, had a good laugh, and forgotten about it. When a real policy 
is worked out, ARIN should actively promote it and explain it to all 
involved, keeping in mind that a lot of hosting companies do not have 
their own IPs from ARIN but rather colocate and get their 
IPs elsewhere (this means it's very important to have the colo 
providers, those who get IPs from ARIN, to have policies consistent 
with those of ARIN in IP allocation, and spread the word on that to 
their customers). Now a lot web hosts simply think they'll still get 
IPs as they used to from their colo provider, thus bypassing the ARIN 
rules. This is what ARIN needs to get around, by (1) ensuring that 
the colo providers spread the word to their customers and ensure that 
they do the needful changes to their hosting server setups, and (2) 
possibly also contacting some of the larger hosting companies 
directly, though they do not deal with ARIN directly.

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