guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Mike Horwath drechsau at
Wed Sep 13 11:42:22 EDT 2000

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 08:57:24AM -0600, Alec H. Peterson wrote:
> Mike Horwath wrote:
> > 
> > Same here.
> > 
> > Where we could get away with header parsing, we have.
> > 
> > Where we can not, we must use an IP, and if we need to, we will put up
> > a bunch of other shit as well since 99.9% of the customers we do web
> > hosting for also get all of their email from us, we can just run
> > virtual servers for them for their mail on their 'dedicated IP'.  No
> > biggie, the mail cluster is going in behind loadbalancers with the web
> > boxes, this will be easy.
> And I think that's a great setup.
> Just out of curiosity, would you mind sharing how large a website
> you can put on a name-based virtual host before you have to move it
> elsewhere?

That is a good question.  We don't allow sites larger than 100MB/month
transferred onto the smaller systems.

> Also, for e-mail, have you tried giving users longer POP usernames?
> (like user at  I know it isn't a perfect solution, but
> I've seen lots of places doing that and it seems to work perfectly
> well.  I do seem to recall some older versions of Eudora over-load
> the @ operator as a delimiter, but I think they've fixed that...

The new cluster will do this, the old system does not.

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