guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Jon Rust hostmaster at
Tue Sep 12 11:08:38 EDT 2000

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 01:52:36AM -0500, Mury wrote:
> Cool!  Now we all know how to do name based hosting... er, wait... what
> about all those HTTP/1.0 browsers!?  You don't think they exist any
> more?  Check this out.  In fairness I sampled all my virtual hosts off of
> one server from a selective time period.  All my logs files are in the
> format.  Here are my commands and results:
> webserver3: {17} % grep 'HTTP/1.1' www.*.com | wc -l
>   400441
> webserver3: {18} % grep 'HTTP/1.0' www.*.com | wc -l
>   375412
> 48.4% of the browsers out there that accessed my customers' sites used
> HTTP/1.0.  For the uninitiated the 1.0 version of the HTTP protocol does
> NOT support name based hosting.

You're bending the truth here, quite a bit actually. The HTTP 1.0 proto
may not support the Host: header, but browsers that are using HTTP 1.0
may very well support he Host: header. Oh, i don't know, a smallish
browser called Netscape, v 2.0 or better, comes to mind. Grepping
through my access log for today I see over 65,000 1.0 requests. 98% of
those are to name-based virtual hosts (which is almost all i run
anymore), and they all worked.


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