guideline for name-based web hosting justification

Ron Hensley ronh at INTERCOM.NET
Mon Sep 11 22:36:48 EDT 2000

I agree log files of those sorts of magnitudes would be too much to deal
with and wasn't suggesting
that's the end all solution. However the internet is running out of ips,.
and without the guidelines ARIN has, even the ipv6
would get blown out in a decade.

Netflow was mentioned alot. Its a dedicated device with all traffic passing
through it, doing accounting, however only
on ip address. So if Cisco or some other vendor simply adds the
functionality to produce its logs
based not only on the ip address, but also on the TCP Packets where an URL
request for  instance is seen, then
those needing the virtuals accounted are taken care of, and 30,000 ips for
this one example ISP/WWW Hosting Site
are cleared up.

Noones arguing that you need a solution. I am just arguing that there are
other solutions possible beyond
having to tag every accessed resource with an individual ip address.

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> Yikes!
> Have you ever tried to parse up to 1000 log files per system, with some of
> them around 500MB in size.  It's not nearly as easy as it sounds.
> For some people it's feasable, but for most of us we *need* IP based
> accounting.
> By the way, we are setup to do a large number of URL's pointed at a single
> IP for some hosting applications, but for the majority of our sites, it is
> not an option.
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> > How about parsing access logs?
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