IP Space Exceptions

Walter Dougoveto wdougoveto at alabanza.com
Wed Oct 4 16:08:20 EDT 2000


I was wondering if any other hosting companies that are following this list
have received or been denied exceptions when asking for IP space due to any
of the following criteria:

Extensive use of SSL.
FTP (All of our current clients have anonymous FTP)
POP3 (This would affect all of our customers)

Use of these software tools along with the fact that our internal software
we use for bandwidth monitoring and setting up domains is built to work on a
per/IP architecture makes our business dependent on IP based domain hosting.
This is not to say we are not be open to changing our software in the future
(though this is a huge engineering task and would take months).  The problem
is that changing something like SSL is out of our hands and it will take
time for the IETF to implement changes which would allow SSL to work on name
based hosting.  This type of situation applies to many tools/software

Since I have seen it mentioned in the list that use of SSL was an acceptable
reason to receive an exception, I was wondering if others have also been
denied exceptions on this basis.

I realize that changes in this policy could occur soon due to the ARIN
meeting which is ending today, but would still like to receive feedback.


Walter Dougoveto
Software Engineer
Alabanza, Corp. - www.alabanza.com
email : wdougoveto at alabanza.com
voice : (800) 361-2682 x 5201

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