[ARIN-consult] increasing 2FA take-up

Bram Abramson bda at bazu.org
Wed May 25 10:26:59 EDT 2022


The current consultation is about rendering SMS a 2FA option, then 
making 2FA mandatory. But it also notes that TOTP 2FA has been available 
since 2015 with a 3.2 percent take-up.

Optional 2FA is perhaps inevitably doomed to low take-up, but I it’s 
likely worth documenting any learnings from the implementation thus far, 
on the way to that 3.2 percent take-up:

- Have most folks involved in this discussion already activated 2FA (are 
we preaching to the converted)? If not — why has it made sense for you 
not to?

- Do we think most of the broader community is aware of the 2FA 
opportunity — and are there thoughts, UX or otherwise, on why the 
crushing majority of folks haven’t availed themselves of it?

Thanks, and cheers,

Bram Abramson
bda at bazu.org / @bramabramson
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