[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Implementing Single Transferrable Voting for ARIN Elections

Jo Rhett geek at jorhett.com
Thu Feb 10 19:04:25 EST 2022

> STV as proposed in the consultation can lead to unexpected and
> undesirable results including:
> * defeat of the plurality candidate who got the most votes

Defeat of one who got the most votes in the first count, but does not have a clear majority of voters behind them

> * election of a candidate opposed by a clear majority of voters

no, that flaw is owned exclusively by standard voting. It is not possible for a candidate who is opposed by 51% of voters to win an election with STV

> It can reach these undesired results because the math involved in the instant-runoff process

is misunderstood by you ;-) 

> amplifies the impact of some votes while effectively nullifying others.

Any one vote which opposes any other vote effectively nullifys them. You made that case yourself in your "proofs" and then claimed the opposite.

> I went through the math back in my early January posts if you want to see how that happens.

You made a lot of statements your own "math" doesn't justify, and you repeated lots of claims made by opponents of STV in California who have been proven wrong by more than a decade of data.

STV is well-proven, peer-reviewed, and consistently produces the actual will of the voting populace time and again.

Jo Rhett

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