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Indeed.   About 600 to 700 - it varies by election and we believe encompasses about 1000 organizations total (there’s some consolidation of organizations which makes a precise number difficult)

I am not sure if you have an (accurate) number,
or are at liberty to share, but how many (actually)
unique voters do you have?  There are certainly
some consulting companies who represent a
number of orgs, and are likely to vote consistently
across all those orgs (this is not a one person one
vote situation, this can be a one consultant,
multiple vote situation).

Gary -

That is correct - in fact, there are some voting contacts that represent more than 10 ARIN organizations (e.g. in companies that have multiple business units each with their own ARIN organization)

You can get some idea of voting contacts versus organizations from each year’s election report - e.g.

Board Trustees Election - "Number of Voters: 490 (on behalf of 603 ARIN Member organizations)
   Percentage Voted: 9.3% of total voters (10.6% of total organizations)"
(From https://www.arin.net/announcements/20201103_election/)

Some quick math would suggest that in 2020 there were approximately 5268 voters total (490/9.3%) and 5698 organizations total (603/10.6%)


John Curran
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