[ARIN-consult] [arin-announce] ACSP Consultation 2021.5: Consultation on ARIN’s Membership Structure

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Oct 29 10:38:19 EDT 2021

John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
    > The reason for inclusion of this language is because we do not know
    > what the long-term general member count will be and felt that a modest
    > floor was a reasonable precaution.   While we’re making it possible for
    > more than 7000 end-user organizations to now also become general
    > members and participate in the election, we may see some attrition of
    > existing general members population (i.e. those who don’t tend to vote
    > in ARIN’s elections.)

I asked how many end-user organizations were potentially new members, and
this tells me 7000.  And previously we've had ~600 ISP members involved in

There is definitely the potential to swamp the current "enfranchisment", but
I doubt more than 10% of the 7000 will notice or care.
And if they *do* get involved, then they should be enfranchised.

The only reason I can see to do this 3-elections-miss and you are out is if
there is some quorum issue. That's not to trivialize that issue, but maybe a
better definition of quorum would be better.

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