[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Implementing Term Limits for the ARIN Board of Trustees

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 > I oppose term limits in general.
 > In my opinion, they deprive voters of choice. Good governance is the product of an informed and involved electorate.
 > We should be seeking ways to generate that rather than looking to prevent members from re-electing board members they feel are doing a good job.

Just a point of information and not specifically relevant but...

The major reason the US had to pass a constitutional amendment to put
term limits on presidents, and thus far hasn't passed any term limits
on congress, is that it deprives the candidate of their right to run
for election without due process or as specified in the constitution
(e.g., age, residency, etc.)

I realize there's no such constitutional issue at stake in an ARIN
election and by and large they can bar candidates for any reason so
long as it doesn't violate the usual race, religion, gender, etc
restrictions and I suppose can't be characterized as capricious (e.g.,
not previously stated in the by-laws) but I thought as a philosophical
point it might be worth raising.

That is, that it imposes an arguably unfair restriction on the
candidate as much as the voters.

        -Barry Shein

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