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Thank you for the quick response.

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Hello Marla,

Thank you for reaching out with this question.

In the consultation for proposed 2022 fees, an organization that holds both IPv4 and IPv6 resources would only pay the higher of the two fees, but not both, as you have described. In your example, the annual fee for the organization would be $32,000.

Thank you again. We will review the the documentation to ensure this is clear.

Best regards,
Richard Jimmerson
Chief Operating Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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Excuse me if this was answered already, but I don't see it on the website.

Looking at the proposed fee and write up, it's not clear whether every ORG ID is paying both a fee for V4 and V6 or just the higher fee between the two resources on the chart.

Example.  If ORG ID: "Example"    holds resource that fit  into  2X-Large $32,000 for v4   and   X-Small $1,000 for v6

Would ORG ID:" Example" have an annual bill of $32,000 or $33,000?

Thank you
Marla Azinger
IP Management
Frontier Communications


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