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Thu Apr 22 23:13:40 EDT 2021

> On Apr 22, 2021, at 02:30 , John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
> On 22 Apr 2021, at 1:38 AM, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com <mailto:owen at delong.com>> wrote:
>>> For RSA plans that consist entirely of legacy number resources (i.e. blocks issued by ARIN’s predecessor registry entities and now held by the original registrant or their legal successor), then there is a cap on the total annual maintenance fees.  There is a benefit to consolidation, but indeed the legacy registration fee cap is not applicable to registration service plans include non-legacy resources.  The choice to consolidate under a single RSA or not remains with the customer, and may not be optimum in all cases. 
>> Right, so this is a fancy way of saying if you don’t want to consolidate, we’re going to bill you twice for what used to be billed as a single organization.
> Owen - 
> It is not particularly fancy or complicated: it is simply confirming that the choice is yours – you can consolidate under a single agreement, pay what everyone else is paying (and less than you are paying today), or can maintain separate agreements and pay more for the sake of maintaining the provision that caps fee changes for your legacy resource holdings.

It wouldn’t actually be less than I am paying today. Today, it would be more because I’d lose the fee increase cap on two of my resources.

(Though at the next billing cycle, I think that ends up being a wash if we keep the current billing system).

It would be less than you’re probably about to start charging me under the proposed restructure where I’m forced into not one, but two RSPs if I’m not willing to either abandon my fee increase cap or abandon IPv6.

Even if I went to a single RSP, unless I’m willing to abandon part or all of my IPv4 it would still be an increase vs. what I’m paying now, though not quite as steep of one as what is currently proposed.

What I don’t understand is why ARIN can’t treat both classes of RSA under a single ORG and bill accordingly as MAX(fee_cap,std_rsa).

Which would initially result in slightly higher fees than I currently pay and eventually (in about 2-3 years) result in my paying the same as I would pay if I consolidated RSAs and the board didn’t come up with a new creative way to restructure the fee plan to extract even more revenue while pretending it’s not a price-hike.


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