[ARIN-consult] Consultation on the Proposed 2018 Fee Schedule Change is Now Closed

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Tue Jun 12 13:30:42 EDT 2018

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 12:55 PM, Steve Noble <snoble at sonn.com> wrote:
> I am highly concerned that while the responses to your rate hike suggestion
> during the comment period were negative, this was still passed. I for one am
> awaiting the transcript of the meeting to better understand who advocated
> for this, why they did so and what information was provided about the
> comments received.

I'm concerned that:

(A) As revealed in the consultation, the board was presented with only
one proposal for how to reshuffle fees.

(B) Despite fees being a contentious issue, the board was so damn LAZY
that no member asked to be presented with alternate proposals for how
to reshuffle fees. You folks weren't elected to put a rubber stamp on
things. If you think you were, please resign to make way for people
willing to make the effort.

Bill Herrin

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