[ARIN-consult] ACSP Consultation: ARIN Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Roadmap

Jay Borkenhagen jayb at braeburn.org
Fri Jan 12 17:04:57 EST 2018

Hi Mark,

Sign me up, too.

What are your thoughts for how to make timely progress?  I am very
happy this consultation came up again this week so don't take this the
wrong way, but the previous consultation on the IRR topic was almost 3
years ago.  I hope that in the coming 3 years (or less) some real,
tangible improvements will have been made.


						Jay B.

Mark Kosters writes:
 > Hi Job
 > Thanks for volunteering to help :^). We'd certainly like to hear your
 > opinion on the plan. We are certainly open to any suggestions for
 > improvements that you may have. This goes to anyone else on the list as
 > well.
 > Thanks,
 > Mark
 > On 1/9/18, 4:52 PM, "ARIN-consult on behalf of Job Snijders"
 > <arin-consult-bounces at arin.net on behalf of job at ntt.net> wrote:
 > >Dear ARIN,
 > >
 > >Where do I sign up to help?
 > >
 > >Kind regards,
 > >
 > >Job
 > >

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