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Mon Apr 30 16:47:22 EDT 2018

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As a part of the Number Resource Organization (NRO), ARIN is seeking
community input on the NRO community consultation on the ASO review.

"The most recent ASO Review concluded with 18 recommendations, which the
NRO has resolved to accept. The first 17 recommendations are well
defined and practical, and can be implemented by actions of the NRO
Secretariat, or of the ASO Address Council, with respect to
administrative procedures, documentation, or in some cases adjustments
to agreements which are expected to be non-controversial.

The 18th recommendation of the Report is that "The NRO should initiate a
public consultation, involving the five RIR communities, to determine
the future structure of the ASO". The NRO EC has concluded to accept
that recommendation and is hereby launching a consultation on the issues
identified in the ASO Review Report."

The full Consultation is available for review at:


ARIN-Consult community:

On Monday, 16 April 2018 (day 1 of the ARIN 41 Public Policy Meeting in Miami), a consultation session was held to gather additional input for this community consultation on the future structure of the ASO.  As reported during that session, I took on the responsibility to provide a brief summary of the discussion to this mailing list.  Those interested in the full meeting transcript may review it here:  https://www.arin.net/vault/participate/meetings/reports/ARIN_41/ppm.html

In summary:

1)  Unlike the comments received on the arin-consult mailing list to date, the prevailing view was that the number community relationship with ICANN (that which is referred as the ASO relationship) should continue – presuming that it can be significantly simplified and kept focused on number community matters

2)  It is important that ICANN recognize that the number community is not a typical ICANN Supporting Organization, and our engagement with ICANN serves primarily to facilitate interactions on number resource policy matters.  This scope of the number community engagement with ICANN needs to be made plain to the ICANN community, and both the NRO-EC and ASO AC need to be diligent in declining invitations that that lie outside this scope.

3) Since the use of two names (“NRO” & “ASO”) increases confusion in the ICANN relationship, the number community should engage with ICANN as the Number Resource Organization (NRO), with the NRO Number Council (NRO NC) continuing to handle global policy development and ICANN Board election matters as usual.

4)  More significant changes to the number community/ICANN relationship should be deferred for a future review cycle, as there is presently value in the relationship that should be preserved (presuming that it can be simplified as noted above.)

Comments on this summary are most welcome - Thanks!

John Curran
President and CEO

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