[ARIN-consult] [Ext] Re: Consultation on Prohibiting Attachments on ARIN Mailing Lists

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Tue Apr 24 17:02:12 EDT 2018

Gert Doering wrote:


> > What you are effectively arguing for here is ???Allow attachments as 
> > long as the message at least pretends to be PGP signed.???
> Nah, that was maybe a bit unclear.   I was thinking of "if there is a 
> single attachment that claims to be a PGP signature" (which of course
could > be actually verified and bounced if it fails signature checking),
but should 
> have said so.

If ARIN chooses to go down this road but exempt PGP attachments, it might be
useful to generalize it to any kind of digital signature.

Kind regards,

Leo Vegoda
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