[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Expanding the Size of the ARIN Board of Trustees

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Wed Apr 11 12:29:05 EDT 2018

On 8 Apr 2018, at 2:06 PM, Ron da Silva <ronald.v.dasilva at gmail.com<mailto:ronald.v.dasilva at gmail.com>> wrote:

Two implementation questions,

- Would the 10th ex-officio CEO seat be voting or not?  Best practices say no, especially in not-for-profit space.. but not a requirement.  Issues either way..

Ron -

Presently, the President of ARIN is a voting member of the Board of Trustees, and the proposed change to increase the number of elected Trustees from 6 to 9 would not change that.

- Would the exclusions for Board members be lifted or changed/updated (thought there was another consult on that back at the end of last year..) to help increase the “diversity” pool?

The ARIN Board of Trustees passed the Nomination and Appointment Conflict of Interest List <https://www.arin.net/participate/elections/conflicts.html> to disqualify persons serving in specific leadership roles in other organizations (e.g. the governing Board of another RIR) from also serving as member of the ARIN Board of Trustees and other ARIN leadership roles.  It is not clear that increasing the size of the ARIN Board of Trustees will change the potential for conflict of interest with serving on the ARIN Board, but for avoidance of doubt I will bring the conflict of interest list to the ARIN Board for review if the proposed change to increase the number of elected Trustees is adopted.


John Curran
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