[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Proposed 2018 Fee Schedule Changes

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Mon Apr 9 19:02:02 EDT 2018

This whole conversation feels very much cart-leading-the-horse to me, and it always did while I was on the board, as well…  I’ve handled budgets for dozens of companies over the last thirty, about half-and-half for-profit and non-profit, and in all that time, ARIN is the ONLY one in which the CEO said what he wanted to spend, and everyone else hopped to it to produce that much money.  In EVERY other organization in which I’ve been involved with the finances, the board set a budget target, and the CEO produced a budget which met that target, whatever it might be.  I don’t understand what makes ARIN so fundamentally different from every other organization, that we can’t behave normally.

Does the board have some reason to WANT to spend more money this year?  If so, why?  What’s the policy goal of spending more money than we have?  If there’s no goal, then that’s the cart leading the horse.  Define your goals, and then work to achieve them.  Don’t do random stuff because it feels nice, and then have to play catch-up to pay for it.  That’s amateur-hour.


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