[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Proposed 2018 Fee Schedule Changes

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Mon Apr 9 10:07:27 EDT 2018

> On Apr 9, 2018, at 6:43 AM, ARIN <info at arin.net> wrote:
> ARIN has increased operating costs in recent years to meet
> customer demand for improved and broader services

The membership seem to be relatively clear that they’re not in favor of scope-creep.  And there are already 88 staff, the majority of whom are in Engineering.  The theory was that they were supposed to be temporary contractors, doing one-time projects to automate ARIN registry functions.  Yet the “temporary” part never seems to come to a conclusion.

Can you present the budget, and explain what specific new services you’re proposing to perform with this additional money, and give us a status-update on the progress being made toward specific goals by the existing 45 engineers?


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