[ARIN-consult] Consultation on Expanding the Size of the ARIN Board of Trustees

bzs at theworld.com bzs at theworld.com
Sun Apr 8 14:42:51 EDT 2018

I have no particular problem with expanding the board, let a thousand
flowers bloom (or ten anyhow.)

HOWEVER, my unsolicited idea is why not create either multiple kinds
of board positions, where by "multiple" I'm thinking two at least to
begin, voting/non-voting or similar.

Or another (small) "advisory" -- pick a word, let's not get hung up on
terminology -- board with enough teeth that it's not just token.

I'd argue, for starters, just being in the room and having a role and
access to the same information would be enough to make it more than
just token.

A lot of diversity depends on just being heard effectively as much as
specific voting/veto powers.

This idea would probably make more sense if the specific
diversifications desired were assigned to these new roles.

That could even be a transitional change, something to do for some
number of years, review the result, and take up expanding the board
per se, or not, at a later date.

P.S. I do realize this would be more work in terms of organizational
and by-laws changes, etc than just expanding the existing board. It's
not as simple as changing a number. The new structures would have to
be defined and incorporated into existing structures including no
doubt legal considerations (e.g., how would such a newly defined role
be indemnified?)

        -Barry Shein

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