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On 05/12/2017 08:47 AM, William Herrin wrote:
>>...we can't elect folks who don't run and in 
>> my opinion shouldn't seek less qualified candidates solely because of >> diversity.>> > The first and only priority from ARIN should be seeking candidates who > are qualified for the position; diversity should not be in that > conversation.> 
> If you are NOT qualified to do the work you are either NOT hired for the > position or you are fired from it. This is what happens around the world > in every business. ARIN's board is and should not be any different.
There are usually two qualified candidates running for a seat. That's the NomCom's job.Given a pairwise evaluation of any two candidates, one might decide that Candidate B is the best for the job. Given an evaluation of each candidate with the existing Board (or likely Board following election), one might decide that Candidate A is the better choice.
However, if Candidate B will tend toward groupthink with current Board, it might be that Candidate A is actually a better choice for the organization.
I just did a quick scan of Board minutes for the past year, and every single motion passed unanimously/all in favor. The only exceptions were abstentions where a Board member would be affected (such as approving elections in which they were a candidate). Only one motion (I think) even required amendment before passing unanimously.
[note to Board: there's no record of the vote for item #10 on the August 23, 2016 meeting]Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
This is a potential sign of "groupthink," where people go along with what the group seems to want, rather than challenge the consensus. One way to fight groupthink is to include people with diverse perspectives.

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