[ARIN-consult] How does this improve Diversity? Community Consultation on Increasing the Size of the ARIN Board of Trustees

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Hi John

Given your response,  increasing the number of seats on the BOT will not resolve the lack of diversity issue as the quantity would have zero effect as explained below.

ARIN would have to implement requirements for those 3 new positions, or make requirements for 2 of the existing ones and not increase how many members there are.

I do not support increasing the number of BOT members unless more people to carry the work load is required.  However that is an entirely different problem should it exist.

Summary: Increase of quantity will not resolve the perceived problem put forward.  Addition of required qualifications to some of the positions is the only way to resolve the perceived problem.

Thank you

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Maybe the email sent out is missing details.  Which leads me to ask, how exactly does increasing the number lead to an increase in opportunities for diversity in the background of Board members?

Ratios of ethnicity, sex, employment ect that are involved in this industry is pretty stagnant.  If you are looking to add diversity in any of those areas, I would think that means you must create a rule that governs those extra seats to have specific requirments.  Otherwise the word “opportunity” really can just turn into more seats of the same thing.

In summary, are their qualifiers to fill those new seats?  Otherwise this is just an exercise of futility.

Marla -

   As a point of information, over the last several years, the Board of Trustees has included
   guidance to Nomination Committee in its charter that encourages diversity of background
   among the candidates put onto the election slates.

   The Board has not gone any further (e.g. establishing rules that govern the backgrounds
   of specific seats) instead leaving it to the membership to elect the candidates with the
   backgrounds it deems most appropriate.


John Curran
President and CEO


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