[ARIN-consult] Community Consultation on Increasing the Size of the ARIN Board of Trustees

David R Huberman daveid at panix.com
Thu May 11 18:27:25 EDT 2017

Thank you for the reply Paul. Responses in-line.

> The Board is looking at multiple tools and this is just one of the many 
> we are contemplating using as I don’t believe there is a single action 
> that will resolve this issue. We have bene taking a staged approach to 
> improving getting a diverse range of views around the Board table.

That's fair. I like seeing that this is just one of many steps being taken 
or considered to improve the Board, and by extension, ARIN.


> Expanding the Board size is the next step in that process and likely not 
> the last. We continue to evaluate this topic and the success of the 
> measures we have implemented. Providing more data to the NomCom is 
> certainly an area we are considering for improvement.

I think this is key.  Instructing the NomCom in clear and measurable terms 
about what the Board desires to add to its membership would be a very big 
step in achieving such a goal.

> Also my view of diversity is in all areas that give the Board the 
> benefit of a range of views on issues before it.  The Board benefits 
> from more independent voices in different industries, different skills 
> and from different geographic regions.

Yes, and a very important point.  In my post, I only mentioned women and 
non-whites.  But we should also be diversifying view points with respect 
to geography, large network operators vs. smaller network operators, 
entrepreneurial experience, risk management experience, finance 
experience, legal experience, etc.  There are many unrepresented skill 
sets and experience sets that could be added to the Board with an increase 
in the number of Board seats combined with clear direction being provided 
to the NomCom.

> Hope that helps and thanks for the feedback and answers your question. 
> Does this give you enough data to decide if you are supportive or not?

Yes, I think so. I support the expansion of the Board to 9 members, in a 
phased approach beginning this election cycle.

Thank you,

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